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 Rules - READ!!!

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PostSubject: Rules - READ!!!   Wed Oct 27, 2010 3:23 am

These are the rules you agree to in the terms of agreement. You do not agree to these rules & the staff will find you and get our games main characters to come to life and come with us & overkill you.
Welcome to our Rules. If you do not follow you will be overkilled.

Random Rules

1. Swearing is allowed, no excessive swearing though.
2. To host an game night you need 150 posts.
3. We will only accept game nights for the games we support. If you want different games supported with us PM the owner, ii pro TrIcKzZ.
4. Sign up with your Xbox Live Gamertag.If you didnt and just read this, PM the owner to get it changed.
5. Do not say in your topic title "official" as only OFFICIAL games can be hosted by Admins.

Main Rules

1. Every Friday & Saturday at 7:00 GMT + 1 hour will be the official games night (On Halo Reach). If you do not live in Europe check the FAQ for info on this.
2. V.I.P is lucky for you. Its not a right. It's a privilege. £1 every 6 months is a good deal. We will not take bribes. (More info on V.I.P. in the FAQ)
3. FAQ has info on things about Game Nights. Check there for all your needs.

Anything else Contact ii pro TrIcKzZ
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Rules - READ!!!
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